Add YM Status Widget to WordPress…

18 11 2010

yahoo status on wordpress

If you want to add you status message in your wordpress ( or blog from your Yahoo Messenger ID, you should add the code of YM Online Offline Status on your Widget of your WordPress blog (usually use Text Widget). For some of wordpress version (usually older version you should push the save button after you add the YM status code). These are the steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin
  2. Choose Appearance
  3. Choose Widgets
  4. Drag the Text Editor to sidebar that you want
  5. Copy paste the code below (replace yahoousername into your real yahooID)
  6. <a href=””><img border=”0? src=””></a>

  7. Save (for older version of wordpress

    , below wordpress 2.6: 2.5, 2.4 etc)

If you blog use others cms blog such as blogspot aka blogger, you can read our article: Add Yahoo Online Status in Blogger / Blogspot

You can also choose the image that you want to use as your online status of YM.
To change the picture just change t=8 to other number such as t=4 or t=3. The available picture of YM Status are:

offline :

online :


offline :

online :


offline :

online :


offline :

online :


offline :

online :


offline :

online :








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