Integrated Gmail with CRM Vtiger

13 05 2011

Those of you with GMail accounts will be happy to see that you can now both receive and send emails using your GMail account. vtiger CRM 5.0.4 supports SSL enabled SMTP and IMAP access which is required to use GMail for sending and receiving emails.

For fetching mails from your GMail account, incoming mail settings should be configured as explained in the 5.0.4 release notes (see Page 16).

One of the benefits of using IMAP instead of POP for fetching emails is that your GMail folders (in Gmail these are referred to as labels) will be automatically created in vtiger CRM Webmail client and then kept in sync when changes are made. More details about IMAP can be found here . Please note that the incoming mail only works with PHP 5.2 on Windows.

For sending emails using your GMail account, Outgoing mail server settings should be configured. Please refer to Page 15 in the release notes for more details.

We hope you will find this new feature useful. In case you have any issues/suggestions, please let us know in the comments.




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